12 Original and inspiring goals

Tired of the usual purposes for the new course?

Here you can find 12 original and inspiring goals that you can start in September (or whenever you want)

In search of inspiring goals and give a more original touch to your purposes for the new course? Almost all of us set ourselves goals for the year that begins. But for some of us set up goals when the new course starts in September. Always the same and we never meet them (go to the gym, lose weight, quit smoking, eating healthier…). We always consider the same things but why not to do it different this time?

A goal should scare you a little and excite you A LOT – Joe Vitale

Here you can find twelve inspiring and original goals that you can start whenever you want:

  • Read more. And by reading I don’t mean drug leaflets or the back of the shampoo bottle. It consists of choosing books that someone has recommended you or attract your attention. How many? What do you think of one book per month?
  • Dance in the rain (at least once). To feel like you were in childhood again, when rain was much more than water, it was magic. Those moments where we didn’t mind getting wet and we loved getting into all the puddles. Choose your favorite song and turn a rainy day into a special storm.
  • Meet new people. Our life is divided between work and being at home, limiting a lot of interesting opportunities to expand our circle of friendships and have fun. Go out, and meet new and interesting people.
  • Trust yourself more and risk. Get out (minimum one time) out of your comfort zone and face something that scares you or makes you insecure. After that, you may be surprised to realize that once that time was over it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

Don’t make excuses for what you can’t finish. Focus on all those reasons why you should make it happen – Ralph Marston

  • Book a day off from work for yourself. Dedicate this day to take care of yourself, put on a mask, take a warm bath, go shopping, go to the most beautiful museum you know, watch five consecutive chapters of the series that has you hooked or lie in bed to listen to your favorite music.
  • Get to know a new culture by eating. What would you think of expanding the options where to dine on a Saturday? Choose a restaurant from a country whose food you have never tasted (For example Vietnamese, Indian, Persian, Hawaiian, Moroccan…)
  • Find a new hobby. Try something new, get out of your routine and find some hobby you didn’t know you liked. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a new sport, discovering that you love going to get mushrooms in the field or end up realizing that you love going to the theater.
  • Discover a new part of your city. Get on the train, metro or bus and get off at a stop other than the usual one and investigate new places. I am sure that there are new amazing things of your city that will surprise you.

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them – Michael Jordan

  • Remember the important dates. There is no excuse for not remembering birthdays, anniversaries and important dates. Find a beautiful calendar or agenda and write down all the dates to celebrate with your loved ones.
  • Choose a movie you think you won’t like. Give yourself the opportunity to see something different and who knows, surprise you? You end up discovering that you love to cry with romantic stories, you discover a city to go to or a new era to read about.
  • Phone a person from your past. We have all stopped having contact with someone who was important to us. I propose you dare to call (or send a WhatsApp) to that person that is not in your life anymore but you miss. What if you discover that this person missed you too?
  • Send a letter by mail. Aren´t you happy to receive a letter other than from the bank or an invoice? Write a letter to someone you think will be excited and make that person smile when they find that unexpected letter in their mailbox.

A person with a new idea is a joke … until the idea succeeds – Mark Twain

Download these 12 inspiring goals

In conclusion, here are some inspiring ideas you can use but surely you come up with more. I would love to know what your goals have been for this year and if you have already set up goals for the new course. Please share them in the comments.